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Is your computer lagging, freezing, crashing, and just making you crazy that it’s so incredibly slow? Are you even thinking of buying a new one?

Don’t. Let me give you a free diagnostic checkup and see what can be done to remedy the situation. Most of the time it can be repaired and tuned-up to run like new again for a fraction of the cost of a new the time spent in backing up all your data, reinstalling all of your programs, restoring all the data to the correct locations, and so on.

Diagnostic check-ups can be preformed remotely, as well as my tune-up special, virus removal (Spyware, Malware, and all varieties of Trojan worms), network & printer sharing, and the list goes on… I am very passionate about what I do, and take great pride in making my customers happy.

Do you want a free diagnostic checkup, as well as user friendly prices?

Do you have some type of Virus, Trojan worm, false security warnings, spyware, and malware pop-ups?

My Tune-up Special includes: Deep cleansing and optimization of your registry, complete removal of unused applications and bogus programs, optimizing the boot and start-up processes, updating all service packs and security patches. Removing all glitches and making your PC fun to use again.

Back-up & Restore data. Recover old hard drives create DVD’s for all your pictures and videos.

My Remote Services use a secure connection with Citrix’s Goto-assist application, ( enabling me to logon to your computer and work on it, as if I was actually sitting right in front. It’s a very powerful tool in the Computer Repair business. Fast, Global & Very User Friendly.

Before you take your computer to an expensive, impersonable shop, let me advise you on what your different options are. Most of the time it can be resolved with a tune-up. Call me if you need hardware upgrades, installing networks, training, or just anything to do with computers. Call Kyle - (818-442-5341)

Available throughout the day and evenings, Call me to schedule an appointment.

Emergency Services are Available